Very Importat Message for Participants of MSc Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dear Doctors,

Assalamau Alikum

We are going to conduct few of our sessions through Zoom video.
These lectures would be in real-time and interactive sessions.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

Instructions for participants:

For those who are not familiar with Zoom Cloud Meetings here is some useful tips.

*Instruction to join a Zoom Cloud Meeting*

1. Install zoom app to your laptops or smart devices from,
For windows go-to
For Android go-to

2. Signup to zoom, its free

3. Ask for Meeting ID & Time Date from from host(organizer)

4. Enter Meeting ID at the given time and date.

5. Join with Computer/Device audio

6. Allow Permissions as asked

7. Always keep video camera turned on to ensure attendace

8. Keep your mic muted unless asked to unmute

9. There is a raise hand option for asking questions

10. You can also ask questions in chat

Tips for the audience:
Remember Your image is extremely important when you are in the video mode. People are looking at you.
Please make sure that you are sitting with the camera in front and a neutral background behind you like a wall or a curtain.
Make sure that if you are in the video mode you are appropriately sitting and appropriately dressed and tidy in your appearance.
A dignified personality is respected by everyone

Tips for the speakers
You have to manage your image by being appropriately dressed and seated in an area which is well lit and you are nicely visible .
Speak in a volume which is audible to the audience
Avoid talking in a monotone even if the audience is not seated in front of you they are listening to you real time
Be relaxed, Smile often and MANAGE your time.

Next session would be 11.30am coming Sunday. Details would be shared soon

Best regards

Dr. Shehla Naseem
Co-Director, MSc. Diabetes & Endocrinology Course
Secretary General, College of Family Medicine Pakistan