Important Notice

  1. All Lectures will be available for only one month following delivery of the module. After that lectures will be permanently removed from the website.
  2. Participants are requested to attend class and complete their modules within one month from the date of lecture upload.
  3. All the recorded lecture contains copyrighted materials. It is the participant’s responsibility to assure that proper attribution and copyright procedures have been followed.
  4.  Self-Assessment Quiz of each module must be complete within in allowed time limit i.e. 10 minutes. Otherwise participant will be not eligible for next module.
  5. Each Participant can attempt Self-Assessment Quiz three times, in case of not gain 60% Marks, after three retake of Self-Assessment Quiz, participant will be declared as an unsuccessful for that module.
  6. All Participants are requested to follow above all the instructions for accomplishment of course.
  7. Please Do not share your username & password otherwise your account will be blocked permanently without any intimation.
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