List of Successful Participants of Fighting Diabetes Course Batch-III, Year 2017

S.No. Participant’s Name
1. Dr. Abdul Wahid Rajput
2. Dr. Ahmad Sajjad
3. Dr. Ahmad Shahzad
4. Dr. Ali Hassan
5. Dr. Capt. Ajmal Bhatti
6. Dr. Greece Lalwani
7. Dr. Hamid Nadeem
8. Dr. Huma Asad
9. Dr. Ijaz Anwer
10. Dr. Ilyas Mahmood
11. Dr. Khaula Izzat
12. Dr. Muhammad Aamir Bhatti
13. Dr. Muhammad Ayaz
14. Dr. Muhammad Irfan
15. Dr. Novaira Zaheer Siddiqui
16. Dr. Pawan Kumar Sachdev
17. Dr. Sabahat Abbas
18. Dr. Salma Khatoon
19. Dr. Shahab Sultan
20. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali



  • This list is prepared Alphabetically and has nothing to do with participant’s merit position in course.
  • The 1st position by Dr. Pawan Kumar Sachdev, 2nd position by Dr. Salma Khatoon, and 3rd position was secured by Dr. Abdul Wahid Rajput.


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